Despite not being happy with Humble due to their (what I believe to be) unfair European pricing on the store, they do put on some great bundles, which are exempt from the European pricing and are therefore all good. 

This one is no exception. Now, I haven’t played Little Inferno or Critter Crunch, but I am led to believe they’re extremely good. I have played Super Hexagon, Natural Selection 2, PixelJunk Monsters and Hotline Miami though. 

Super Hexagon is a fantastic, but extremely difficult little game. You guide a triangle through a series of oncoming shapes with gaps in to fit through to some catchy chiptune music. It’s very fast and over very quickly. I am still talking about games here. There’s a variety of difficulties; hard, harder, hardest and some locked ones which I’m not good enough to unlock. My record is 5.42 seconds. Still talking about games here. It’s very fun and extremely addictive. This game is worth the $1 (roughly 60p-ish) minimum alone. It’s also going to be my first ‘You Should Play’ game. Spoiler alert.

Natural Selection 2 is an interesting first person shooter. Kinda reminds me of Aliens vs. Predator. I’ve not played too much of this as my laptop wasn’t being nice with the framerate. Gets a lot of good things said about it though. Seems worthy of the minimum.

In the Beat the Average trio, you’ve got the brilliant Hotline Miami. Visceral, fast-paced and super fun. So fun in fact that I own it for PC, PS3, PS Vita and PS4 due to cross buy when it comes out. So, so fun. If you don’t already have it, it’s definitely worth the $6 (roughly £3.72ish) on it’s own.

That being said, add in Pixeljunk Monsters, a rather impressive tower defence game and you’re singing. Critter Crunch looked interesting, but due to the fact I already have Pixeljunk Monsters and Hotline Miami, I passed on it. If you too own Hotline Miami and/or Pixeljunk but aren’t sure on Critter Crunch at the extra price, I’d advise against it. Word on Reddit is that Critter Crunch can often go on sale lower than £1/$1. You may as well get the minimum and get Critter Crunch another time if you fancy it, as it’ll save you money.

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